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Using a Measurement Computing I/O Card with SuperLab

Installing and using a Measurement Computing I/O card consists of the following steps:

  • Installing the card in your computer
  • Installing the software provided by Measurement Computing
  • Connecting your equipment to the card

Installing the Hardware

The physical installation of the card is not covered in this tech note. Generally, you need to open your PC and insert the card into a PCI slot if it’s a PCI-DIO24, or connect it to a USB port if it’s a USB-based device . Beware not to zap the board with static electricity!

Please refer to your I/O card’s manual for information regarding this first step.

Installing the Software

The first step is to install the software that comes on the Measurement Computing CD-ROM that came with your I/O card. Among other things, this will install a utility program called InstaCal.

The next step is to run InstaCal. When you first run it, InstaCal will search for an installed I/O device and set up the Measurement Computing library accordingly.

If InstaCal lists more than one device, the one that you intend to use with SuperLab must be board number 0 (“Bd#0”). If it is not, you can right-click on it with the mouse to change it.

Connecting Your Equipment to the I/O Card

The PCI-DIO24 I/O card provides 24 digital input and output lines. These are divided into 3 groups called “ports” and named Port A, Port B, and Port C.

SuperLab uses Port A for input and Port B for output. Port C remains currently unused. For input, lines must be “pulled low,” that is, connected to ground by a resistor. The diagram on the right illustrates how this is done for line A0 (pin 37). The same diagram applies for lines A1 to A7. The resistor’s value may range from 2.2 kiloohm to 5 kiloohm.

Cedrus highly recommends that all lines on Port A are pulled low even if you will not be using all 8 input lines. Better yet: connect unused lines directly to ground.

Last Revision: February 10, 2016


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