Upgrade News About SuperLab 4 and… SuperLab 6 !

March 17, 2016

SuperLab 5 continues to delight and impress, with the numbers to prove it.

SuperLab 6 is Coming

Big news! SuperLab 6 will be a free upgrade to all SuperLab 5 license owners. Similarly, if you have our finest edition, SuperLab X5, you will get a free upgrade to SuperLab X6. There is no firm release date yet; more information will follow.

SuperLab 4 Upgrade Window is Closing

SuperLab 5 is really a worthwhile upgrade, and for now, the price is only 50% of what a regular license costs. Plus, you will get a free upgrade to SuperLab 6 as well. The chance to upgrade at half off will end on September 30, 2016.


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