StimTracker Interface to Neuroscan EEG


Cedrus manufactures a StimTracker signal adapter board that makes it possible to interface with Neuroscan’s EEG data recorders. The signal adapter uses and comes with a standard DB25 cable. This document describes the signals that the signal adapter board makes available to Neuroscan.

Setting Up the Software

Using SCAN 

Neuroscan’s SCAN software has been superseded by Curry, and StimTracker’s interface to Neuroscan hardware was developed long after SCAN’s last major release. Consequently, only Trigger bits 0-7 can be detected by SCAN.

Using Curry 7.0.5 or later 

Curry version 7.0.5 or later implements direct support for StimTracker. To use:

Click on Amplifier Control button

Click on Advanced button

Click on Trigger Settings button

The Trigger Settings dialog (screen) appears. Select the Cedrus StimTracker radio button.

The Signals

Ground is on DB25 pin 25. See also the note in Using StimTracker about the rate at which the LEDs flash in StimTracker’s front panel.

StimTracker Signal

Seen by Neuroscan as


Event marker bit 7

Event marker bit 5

Event marker bit 3

Event marker bit 1

Light sensor 1


TTL input, line 4

TTL input, line 2

Trigger bit 7

Trigger bit 5

Trigger bit 3

Trigger bit 1

Response bit 7

Response bit 5

Response bit 3

Response bit 1

TTL input, line 1

Response bit 0

Audio L+R

Response bit 4

StimTracker will produce output when the volume rises above the preset threshold on either the left audio channel or the right audio channel

Light sensor 2

Response bit 6

TTL input, line 3

Response bit 2

Event marker bit 0

Trigger bit 0

Event marker bit 2

Trigger bit 2

Event marker bit 4

Trigger bit 4

Event marker bit 6

Trigger bit 6

Last Revision: April 18, 2013


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