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When having participants respond using the keyboard, SuperLab offers two choices:

  • Single key responses, e.g. to indicate a choice or rate a picture
  • String input, where an edit field appears allowing the participant to type words or sentences.

Caution must be used when wanting to use both options in the same experiment:

This is because SuperLab then has two input plug-ins trying to access the same physical device, the keyboard, which leads to access conflict. This access conflict can be managed using the following steps.

In the Participant Input Dialog 

  • Click on “Keyboard-Single Keys” to select it, then click on the Options tab.
  • Enable the checkbox Only if an event designates a single key response as correct.

We need to perform a similar step for “Keyboard-String Input”:

  • Click on it to select then click on its Options tab
  • Enable the checkbox Only if an event designates a string input response as correct.

Next, you need to create at least one response for each of the two input plug-ins. This is done in the Responses tab.

In the Event Editor Dialog 

With the options set as described above, SuperLab will now no longer be looking for a response from participants unless the event defines a correct response. This is important: if an event is expected to look for a response but does not have a correct response defined, SuperLab will go into an endless loop.

Consequently, for every event, make sure that one of the two following things are set:

  • In the Event Editor’s Input tab, the event-ending option is set to Immediately after the event is presented, or,
  • In the Event Editor’s Correct Response tab, make sure that the event’s correct response is set to One or more of the following: and with a response checked. In the example below, the response “Any String Input” is checked.

Last Revision: April 5, 2012


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