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SV-1 is a device designed specifically for experiments requiring a vocal response. SV-1 monitors the participant’s voice level at all times, and when the level rises above a user-specified threshold, it reports this to the computer. SV-1 is powered by an 18 MHz microprocessor and is a 100% digital device.

Wide Application Support

Compatible with SuperLab, E-Prime, Presentation, and others (see below)

Built-In I/O

Six TTL lines available for sending event markers

Library Support

Open source C++ and Python libraries available

Battery Operated

AC adapter is optional, and yes, a battery is included

Extensive Software Support



Published by Cedrus; built-in support

EyeLink Experiment Builder

Built-in support


Response pad emulates a PST Serial Response Box


Cedrus provides a plug-in for Presentation


Linux open source library by Dr. Gijsbert Stoet


Built-in support


The commands that SV-1 accepts are public. Cedrus publishes and maintains Python and C++ code libraries.

Matlab support can also be found on the Internet.

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